Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Letter 8/27/2013

***The reason I didn´t write yesterday is because the internet wasn´t working yesterday in our village***


Ok so first off. The pictures I sent. So there is a picture of me next to a statue. This statue is in the middle of a plaza in the Little Side village like 15 minutes from our village where there is no church. But we visited there last week. The other picture of the kids I will explain. So me and my comp were walking down the street the other day when 2 twins walked up to us (members). I guess they are pretty popular in school because like 1 minute later half the school was surrounding us. So we started handing out pamphlets to them but we ran out. So we were like "Who want´s a pamphlet" And all like 20 of them said yes. So We walked back to our room with a line of like 20 kids following us. And the picture is of me in front of our house giving them pamphlets.

So also Yesterday I FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!! Thank you for all the things you all sent. It was awesome. Me and my comp had some nice real hot chocolate last night and I scarfed down those sour candies in like 3 seconds. Thanks for the socks those are exactly what I needed. All my other socks have holes in them. Thanks for sending everything you sent!

So also this week we had a cool experience giving a blessing. So on Friday we were visiting an investigator. He´s been sick for about a week now. Really sick. He´s told us multiple times that he is going to die. I don´t think he will though. But we were going to his house to see him and we were outside waiting for him to answer the door when we hear this really really loud moaning. So we are like OH NO he is dying! So his son finally answers the door and we go in. Then we go in the room with the super loud moaning and it´s not even him. It´s his other son. So we are like "Uh Hey what´s wrong?" Then he painfully explains he drank a bunch of beer last night and then ate rotten pig and the rotten pig is destroying him. So we are like dang that stinks. So we ask him if he wants a blessing. So he nods his head yes and we give the blessing. As I´m finishing the blessing (I blessed him that the sickness would go away) he starts moaning and groaning really loud. And right as I say amen and step back he turns his head to the floor and throws up EVERYTHING. He had been sick since like 3 am the night before and it was like 12 noon and still hadn´t thrown up. But right after the blessing he threw all of it up. Then I asked him if he felt better (he couldn´t talk) and he nodded his head and started to pray silently. It was pretty dang cool. We have taught him before and was pretty not into our message but I hope he´ll be a little more receptive now.

Oh this week it snowed here. Pretty cool. This is the only place in the mission you can get snow.

Oh and congratulations mom on passing the CPAT. That´s awesome. It´s cool to hear some of the big young guys that were doing the test couldn´t pass but you did!

Oh um now that Davey´s games are starting you have to tape them for me!!!! Seriously I want to see them.

Well I gotta go.

Love you all a lot. CHOU!!!

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