Monday, August 5, 2013

Letter 7/30/2013


Well sorry i didn´t write yesterday. I got changed from my awesome area and my awesome comp.

So first off I still don´t have my packages and it will still may be another week or two because the place i got moved to is far away and crazy.

So first I´ll tell you about my first part of the week. When I was dead sick. So on Tuesday we went to the hospital because my comp had a operation where they put a camera down his stomach and he was super out of it from all the medications. It reminded me of when I got my teeth yanked. On Monday was pday so we did almost nothing except 2 1/2 hours of work then Tuesday was that and we only worked for like an hour. When my comp wasn´t drunk anymore then the next day me and my comp woke up and we were basically half dead. We both had fevers the entire day and I couldn´t even walk. Something we picked up from the hospital I´m guessing. So that day we did a few interviews and slept in our room all day then the next day we starting working normal. But it was crazy because I was sooo sick I couldn´t even get up to walk and I didn´t eat for like a day and a half.

After that my comp was going to baptize and investigator in one of the wards where there are sister missionaries so we went there Saturday night. She was super excited to get baptized and the baptism was set up and tons of members. They get in the water to do the ordinance and she tells him she can´t. So we close off the baptism and us and the sisters and a few members all go to the baptismal room to baptize her. But she just would not do it, so we have her do it on her knees and she refused to dunk her head in the water (she has a fear of putting her face in water). So I jump in the font also. So me and my comp are both in there trying to baptize her ( I´m just in my work clothes, pants, belt, regular white shirt and tie and everything). But long story short we were in there for like an hour and a half and she just couldn´t do it. She wanted to get baptized but just couldn´t put her head in the water. So at like 830 we finally leave the font to go change in the bathroom and then I realized I have nothing to put on and we are really far from our house. So I put on one of the baptism jump suits and we had to go all the way back to our house with me looking like a complete clown (I sent you a picture of me when I got back to our room). It was funny.

Then Sunday we had changes and now I´m in Chivay a little north of Arequipa. It´s sooooo crazy though. It´s basically like a little village. There are 4 missionaries here. It´s sooo cool though. It´s not nearly as modern as Arequipa it actually reminds me a lot of the village in the grand canyon called Havasupai that me and Davey (idk if Mikey went can´t remember) went to before I left. It´s crazy though here its only a branch of like 30 people and my comp is the branch president. We also have to wash our own clothes by hand on top of our roof and the wind here is freezing cold because we live at 12000+ feet. Oh and yesterday the internet like didn´t work in the village so we had to write today.

Well that´s all I got for this week. Oh and also my new comp Is Elder Self from Arizona. First gringo companion. Should be interesting. Well I gotta go love you all a lot!!!! Oh the pictures are of me the night in the clown suit, me my last day with my pensionista (the lady that cooks for us and we live in her house... basically my mom in the mission, but don´t worry mom you´re still my real mom and I could never replace you), and then me with some of the members in the village and the other missionaries. The guy in the red shirt is my companion. Well that´s all Love you all a lot can´t wait for my package. CHOU!!!!!

Love Elder Russon

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