Monday, August 12, 2013

Letter 8/12/2013

So this week in the Branch we only had 16 members attend, 2 investigators and a few dogs. But we are finding a ton of investigators so we will have success very soon and a lot of it. 

Also this week we started running in the mornings. We actually ran up to the point where I took one of the pictures. And OH MY GOSH it is really really hard to run here at 12,500ft. We ran for like 3 minutes before we had to stop. It´s crazy just walking up slopes here gets me tired. I do not like it at all but when I get back to normal altitude I will be running for like an hour without stopping. 

We have traveled to Arequipa 2 times this week. Right now I´m actually in Arequipa for our pday. We should be doing something awesome I hope. Oh and also I want to tell you all about an investigator we had at church. He is our neighbor named Alejandro. He is 96 years old barely speaks Spanish and is pretty much 99% blind and 99% deaf. But he has been a member of a different church for a while but we teach him with pictures and lots of yelling.  He came to church and oh man was it funny. He walked in when I was giving a talk and the first thing he does is walk over to the chair yell at me GOOD MORNING then starting bowing down and praying while yelling. 

Well I gotta go. Love you all sorry I can´t write more today. CHOU CHOU

Love Elder Russon

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