Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Letter 7/21/2014

Well sorry about not getting the letter to you guys earlier. The power in our city went out and we had to stop writing and I never got to send this letter.

Well this last week was my birthday. It was an awesome week not gonna lie. Had lots of fun. So last Monday after writing you all we watched How to Train your Dragon and Tangled as a zone and made Completos which are basically just Chilean Hot Dogs. They were pretty delicious and it was a fun pday. Also I sent pictures of me messing around on a statue, me with this kid that lives in our house that we call Aladin, my birthday lunch, my birthday party and all that happened there (they have a tradition in Peru on your birthday you take a bite of the cake before cutting it and they all push your head into the cake, usually you just get it on your nose but they went nuts and suffocated me with the cake), another pic of me running away outside and then getting pelted with hard eggs (theyre crazy on birthdays here), then a funny drunk dude we found, the end of our area and the world, me on the Tacna sign, oh and we climbed this giant hill in our area that overlooks all of Tacna and we were accompanied by a dog (dogs seem to be everywhere, even church), also we made pancakes (delicious), and then today we went to the beach with 2 other zones in Tacna.

So yeah those are all the pictures. My brithday was awesome. We basically just worked until about 6 and then the party started and my comp bought me a milkshake in a nice desert place and then we went to my bday party and we had a food fight with cake and eggs and flour. It was insane but a ton of fun. A very good bday. And my last in the mission. Today was a ton of fun too. We went to the beach and had lots of fun. We played volleyball together and soccer and we tossed the football. It was a blast too. Got back freezing cold. But basically we had a stinking awesome week.

Well that's all I got for you guys right now. I love you all thanks for writing me. Seeya CHOU CHOU

Love Elder Russon