Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter 8/19/2013

Hey everyone,

I love my area it´s very very very cool and these are the legit Peruvians here :). This time of year there are tons and tons of tourists though which makes two white dudes not quite as special but o well. Our Branch meets in a house so we have to baptize in the river that goes through the canyon.

Wow Davey finally got his license I hope I see the car again after him and Mikey drive it.

SO this week was crazy. Very crazy. First this last Monday and Tuesday we were at Arequipa in the mission home for a few days for some training and pday. It was awesome. The mission home has got to be the nicest home in all of Peru. There is CARPET in it!!!! WOW was it nice to walk around on carpet. I sent you a picture of me sitting on the couch in the Living room with carpet. Oh and we ate SOOOO GOOD. I had like 30 French Toast for breakfast with real syrup and jam and fruit sauce. It was delicious. 

We got back to Chivay just in time for the Independence Day of Peru. It was absolutely insane. It was a party that no joke did not stop for 3 straight days. Bands playing every single minute all through the night and day for 3 days without stopping. People drinking beer for 3 days straight I have never seen or talked to or even heard of so many drunk people in my entire life. It was absurd how much alcohol there was here.

So one night of the party we were in our Church House waiting to interview some people (never showed up) when the drunk owner of the other half of the house busts in the room completely wasted and asks us if he can bring some people up. We told him he had to go to church if he wanted them to come in but he kept insisting that he was catholic and couldn´t so we finally said yes. Then about 3 minutes later after he had left and we were in the office I was reading a Liahona and my comp was doing some paperwork when we heard this band coming closer to us. So I look out the window and I see a band of like 30 completely drunk people charging our church dancing and playing their instruments as hard as they could. Me and my comp got freaked out a little so we locked the office door and watched 30 crazy drunk people barge into the church and march up to the top floor where the guy lives. I don´t think the 3 floors put together could hold all these people let alone just the 3rd floor. Then after an hour of losing our hearing from their yelling and singing we left to go back to our room for dinner. To get back we had to cross the plaza of our village and oh my gosh there was like 2,000 people in this little plaza and 3 different concerts going and sooooooo much alcohol. We had to squeeze through all these drunk people at these concerts. It literally took like 20 minutes to cross through them all. It was insane.

Well that is my crazy story for this week. Love you all thanks for the letters. Hope everyone is doing great. CHOU CHOU!!!!

Love Elder Russon

Mission home in Arequipa (They have carpet!)

View from mission office in Arequipa

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