Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter 6/16/2014

Hey Everyone!

So first off after writing the letter last week. We all got in a minivan as a zone and then we went off to Torata this little village like 50 minutes outside of Moquegua. While we were waiting for our car to the waterfalls we went all the way up to the Christ statue they have in the village. Took some pictures of that and a view of the entire village. Then we took our hike to the waterfalls. They are super cool they actually remind me a lot of the grand canyon. We got soaking wet just from the mist from the waterfall. It was super fun and something different than just soccer every single pday.

Also I sent some pictures of the food some people eat her. Its basically just rocks. They eat rocks. Its only more like dirt rocks so they can actually bite into them without losing their teeth, but its still super hard and a bunch of earth....

Then the other pictures are from a service project we did in the middle of the desert. Seriously in the middle of no where. You'll see in the pictures. We got in some super sketchy cars and then took some super sketchy dirt road to the middle of the desert to some sketchy dirt rock houses. Then we just started clearing rocks in some 25m by 25m area. It was quite interesting.

Then the last pic is a ward birthday party we had with some members. We ate cake and brought some investigator to get tot know the members. It was cool.

So this week at that weird service project I smashed my middle finger with a pick axe so its all purple right now. It hurt a lot. I was jumping and yelling and freaking out in the middle of the desert. It hurt. Also yesterday me and my comp are coming down some stairs and out of no where this psycho dog just starts booking it up to us. And he was totally calm so I was like " Ahhhhh sweet a nice dog" and then he got 1 foot away from me and tried to bite my leg off. This is all while we are on these stairs. So I go into game mode and just starting trying to Spartan kick this dog as hard as I can, but it was a fast dog. It was dodging all of my kicks like a ninja. So while I'm trying to just give this dog a nice kick to the jaw another dog starts barking and booking it up the stairs and I'm like "O CRAP PRIEBE (my companion) GET HIM"  so the other dog gets up and hes on the other side of the stairwell just barking at us. So Priebe is just waiting for the other dog to make a move but he was a wussy so he only barked at us and I'm kicking at this dog with everything I got and finally like 5 minutes later the owner FINALLY gets herself up the stairs and just starts wailing on her dogs with this giant sack of I don't know what. So finally she gets them away from us and we keep walking down the stairs and the other guy owner who didn't even move to try and help us starts trying to convince me this rabid dog is all bark and no bite. That man was an idiot if i wasn't kicking at that dog it would've eaten my leg off easy.

Also last week I forgot to tell you but while we are walking down the street some police stopped us to show them our ID to prove we can be in Peru. It was ridiculous I don't even know why he did if he knew we were missionaries and are IDs were even expired and he was just yep good to go see-ya. But yeah that's the first time I've ever been asked to give a Police Officer ID.

Well that's all I got for this week. Changes are in 2 weeks so I might be checking out of Moquegua. The ridiculous stories I've got about this place. I wish I could have enough time to just write them all too you all.

Well Love you all thanks for all the support and letters and stuff. Seeya CHOU CHOU

love Elder Russon