Monday, August 5, 2013

Letter 8/5/2013

Well my new comp is Elder James Self from Arizona. He´s a cool guy and has a month more than me in the mission. He wrestled and played football. It´s awesome being with another white guy though. We speak lots of English which probably isn´t great for our spanish but we are having tons of success. When it´s two white guys walking around in a foreign country pretty much everyone wants to talk to you unless that country hates the USA. 

My new area is called Chivay it´s a little north of Arequipa. It´s just a little village of a few thousand people which sounds like a lot but isn´t big at all. I´m sending pictures but I don´t think they will get there in time. But one is of me and my comp and my old comp from the MTC in Peru in between us. He is leaving Chivay. Another is of me in a ditch and I don´t remember the last one but I think its the picture of where we had a baptism this Saturday. It was the other companionship that had the baptism so I didn´t take any pictures of it but we do the baptisms in the river which WILL BE SOOO COOL the first time I get to do one.... I hope I get to do one before I leave here or I while be very sad. 

Something cool is that right next to us we have the Deepest Canyon in the WORLD. It´s called Colca Canyon i think. 

Oh so I gotta tell you how my first Sunday here was. So yesterday we had a GRAND total of 4 missionaries attend church 2 investigators 16 members and 3 dogs. Oh and by the time sacrament ended there was only 8 members left. So it was very very very unusual for me to experience in Church.... OH and also I´m the first counselor in the branch so I sat up front the entire sacrament meeting which also was weird. And I also do tithing which is also very weird. But I love this place a lot. What else could I talk about. Oh I also have a bunch of pictures of a herd of sheep surrounding me and herds of cows and bulls and sheep walk down our street daily. 

 I am doing very good. Don´t have anything more to tell you all for now and my time is up but I love you all and thanks for all the letters. Gotta go CHOU!!!!!

Love Elder Russon

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