Monday, July 22, 2013

Letter 7/22/2013

So I don´t have a ton of time to write today so sorry if this is short lots of people wrote me for my Bday!

Awesome to hear the missionaries came over for dinner. How are they? Are they cool? Where are they from? Can´t believe all the people that are out on missions right now it´s awesome.

SO my BdaY this week was pretty cool. I sent some pictures of some of the things the members gave me. Then a picture of me hanging out with some guys in our zone. So for Tuesday we ate like CRAZY. We ate sooooo much food it was actually painful and had stomach problems for like 2 days after that. We started off with french toast in the morning and a cake, then at about 11 we ate a bunch of cake as a zone, then came back and had a huge lunch (rice and potatoes), then we left to a members house at like 3 and ate Aji de Gallina which is like a bunch of rice and potatoes and spicy chicken, then we went to another members house right after and drank a ton of soda and a bunch of crackers, then we went to another members house and ate a really good cake and some fruit juice that doesn´t exist in america, then we finished off the day going to the bishops house to eat pizza and drink Coke. I was ready to die at the end of the day I was soo full.
I haven´t gotten my packages yet but I did get a racquetball from the pension (family that i live with) and I got a bunch of candy toffees from a family who I baptized, and a bunch of happy birthday letters and a few board games.

What else happened this week. I wanted to write you guys about something, but I don´t remember what....
Oh wait I remember so we have this crazy investigator that is TOTALLY ready to get baptized but doesn´t want to and I have no idea why we visit him every day but he never tells us why. Oh by the way this guy is completely insane. I was with a few different companions this week and all 3 that went with me to his house told me they feared for their lives while in there. So as we were saying goodbye I shook his hand and.... he wouldn´t let go of it soo... I just acted normal like it was normal that he was doing that, then he squeezed really hard then looked in my eyes and said "you´re an angel... you have two things right on your head... two horns... and you have a tail.... and you have a pitchfork..." He basically told me I was Satan. He´s crazy though but sooo smart but soo crazy.

Well I gotta go love you all CHOU!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks for all the bday wishes and the letters.

Love Elder Russon

Monday, July 15, 2013

Letter 7/15/2013

LOL there is no way I want any week here to drag on longer than it should be, not gonna lie... but tomorrow I am planning on having a ton of fun and planning on eating a ton of american food for my birthday (20yrs). 

WOOO thanks for the packages!!!

I'm glad Ryker is happy with his mission. It wouldn´t bother me at all if I was serving in USA. 

LOL....grandma is grilling everyone to write letters!!! Good, I want more hand written letters!!! But don´t worry I love these too.

Dang Steven is going to Brazil,l awesome!!!! He´s gonna be chillin in the jungle.

Oh so this week I ate something really weird. COW UTTERS..... I had no idea what it was until after I finished it but WHY IN THE WORLD would they eat that... It wasn´t bad but just gross thinking about it. Oh also I need to know the day that CoC starts and BYU. Por Favor... 

OHHH so this week we baptized someone named Samuel this guy is freaking SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! He was really afraid to get baptized because he really wanted to get an answer from god to do it before he did it. But we read him Ether 12:6 and I told him "look I don´t know when you are going to get your answer or your testimony but you won´t receive anything until the trial of your faith... and I know that the baptism is the trail of your faith" so he got baptized this Saturday and confirmed Sunday and boom by the time the church ended He was like "DUDE you were right!!!" So he talked to the Stake President about receiving the Aaronic priesthood next week and the Stake Pres told us "That guy has a really strong testimony... HOW?" It was awesome love this guy a lot. So glad we got to help him. He´s gonna be great some day.

Well I gotta go. Love you all a lot. Thanks for everything. 

BIG 20 TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Elder Ryan Russon

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Letter 7/8/2013

HEY TODOS!!!!!!!

Tell Grandma Nancy and Grandma Graf happy birthday and that I love them a lot.

Ohhh and tell Grandma my favorite scripture is Ether 12:6 because it´s the reason we have a baptism this Saturday...

So first off we got a new president. I don´t think I told you guys but we got a new prezzy who is from Las Vegas and doesn´t speak very much spanish but he is sooooo much different from our last president. Our last president was like a drill instructor but our new president is sooo awesome. He tells us we are doing a good job he tells us he loves us and everything... it´s soo awesome and different.

Oh also last week I went to the mall and bought a suit. I sent you guys a picture of it. So the suit is like this pinstriped grey suit and it is CRAZY FLY! It´s a really really really nice suit and guess what that entire suit, pants the whole deal cost me $50.... seriously that´s it $50 and then I bought this awesome new tie and belt and in total it cost $70 for the whole thing. CRAZY right. This place rocks for prices.

So we were going to have a baptism this last Saturday but our investigator lost his mind and went on vacation the morning of without telling us. When he gets baptized i`ll tell you about him. This guy is sooo crazy but sooo smart and sooo cool.

Also, I went to the mall last monday and OH MY GOSH I literally thought I was in America for like a whole hour. It is literally EXACTLY the same. I felt sooooo good just being in there. It was awesome.

Oh so for 4th of July we did nothing.... but all the gringos (white people from USA) we were all extra crazy that day. A few times the other missionaries had to tell us to shut up. (We had a meeting that day in the morning).

Well Not much has happened this week. We do have a baptism set up for this Saturday and I don´t think this guy will drop out on us... I hope. Well I love you all a lot. Sorry that I don´t have too much to send you all. Oh and send me something AWESOME for my birthday because I want something awesome and I am yet to receive a package Well gotta go CHOU!!!!

Love Elder Russon

Monday, July 1, 2013

Letter 7/1/2013

Well Hey everyone!!! What´s up!

SO ATTENTION! I just found out that padded envelopes go right through the customs thing for letters and packages. So i can receive a padded envelope without having to set up my letter of authority thing to someone in our office. But that is not an excuse to send me less things!!!! I still want a package that looks like that DELICIOUS package you sent me the went back home.

Holy cow it was 127 in Death Valley is that even possible.

Why is it soooooo hot right now in Cali???

LOL mom got to work a Beyonce concert!!! That´s awesome!!

Yeah I´m very happy for our convert Donald he just received the Aaronic priesthood this week too it´s awesome. He goes to church in a suit and everything! 

Davey. Hey you guys need to like record his games for when I come back. I want to see him play SOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey so send me an awesome package. I AM SOOOOO sad that I still don´t have a package. EVERY KID in the mission has recieved a package but me because of our turd office haven´t received one! I am not counting anything I received in the MTC because here in the field is when it counts and when you actually need a package!

Well I´m doing great out here. I´ve been fasting a ton lately the last few months and finally we are starting to find some AWESOME people like Donald who I will NEVER forget! We should be having a baptism this week on Saturday maybe 2 and probably another one the next week. Well I love you guys a lot. Thanks everyone for all the letters and stuff. They mean a TON to me. Well I gotta go. Later!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and we met this guy Saturday he´s a friend of a member. So we went to his house and this guy is INSANE but sooo AWESOME!!! So we were talking to him and this guy just loves to talk. So we literally said like 30 words and he talked for like an hour straight. So he asked me a question and I told him I didn´t understand this word he was using. So for the next 1/2 hour I was listening to him talk every single sentence in Spanish and then translated to English. I understood EVERYTHING!! But because I didn´t understand this one word he translated EVERYTHING to English. But so yesterday he went to church and after church ended we were walking with him and I was like hey I want to show you something. So we showed him the baptismal font and he walked up to it and it was full. So he asked is someone getting baptized right now? And I said no, but you´ll be getting baptized this Saturday right here. He was like " ohhhh.... WAIT SERIOUSLY" I was like yeah this next Saturday. So he was like "Yeah okay let´s do it! So yeah now he is going to get baptized this Saturday.

Well that is all. Love you all thanks for the letters and everything gotta go. Later

Love Elder Russon