Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letter 9/2/2013

Hey Everyone

Well I´m doing great. I´ve been kinda sick like every single week since I came to Chivay but it´s not to bad. We have a lot of baptisms set up for this week. Could be 6 if we get a few miracles thrown our way. So I´m super excited about that. But this week I don´t have any stories for you guys. It´s been raining a lot and snowing but I didn´t take any pictures of it. After about 30 minutes the snow all melts away so we haven´t been able to do anything cool with the snow.

So for a Branch activity the branch wrote letters to the Spanish Ward in our building in Santa Clarita. We still don´t have the address or anything so we are going to send it to you guys to give to the Bishop of that Ward. But I NEED his email soon or he is going to end up with some random box of letters he has no Idea what to do with.

Well I love you all. Hope everyone is going good in Santa Clarita. Oh and TELL ME WHO WON THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can´t just throw in some sentences about the game and then NOT TELL ME WHO WON! Well I gotta go CHOU!!!

Love Elder Russon

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