Monday, July 22, 2013

Letter 7/22/2013

So I don´t have a ton of time to write today so sorry if this is short lots of people wrote me for my Bday!

Awesome to hear the missionaries came over for dinner. How are they? Are they cool? Where are they from? Can´t believe all the people that are out on missions right now it´s awesome.

SO my BdaY this week was pretty cool. I sent some pictures of some of the things the members gave me. Then a picture of me hanging out with some guys in our zone. So for Tuesday we ate like CRAZY. We ate sooooo much food it was actually painful and had stomach problems for like 2 days after that. We started off with french toast in the morning and a cake, then at about 11 we ate a bunch of cake as a zone, then came back and had a huge lunch (rice and potatoes), then we left to a members house at like 3 and ate Aji de Gallina which is like a bunch of rice and potatoes and spicy chicken, then we went to another members house right after and drank a ton of soda and a bunch of crackers, then we went to another members house and ate a really good cake and some fruit juice that doesn´t exist in america, then we finished off the day going to the bishops house to eat pizza and drink Coke. I was ready to die at the end of the day I was soo full.
I haven´t gotten my packages yet but I did get a racquetball from the pension (family that i live with) and I got a bunch of candy toffees from a family who I baptized, and a bunch of happy birthday letters and a few board games.

What else happened this week. I wanted to write you guys about something, but I don´t remember what....
Oh wait I remember so we have this crazy investigator that is TOTALLY ready to get baptized but doesn´t want to and I have no idea why we visit him every day but he never tells us why. Oh by the way this guy is completely insane. I was with a few different companions this week and all 3 that went with me to his house told me they feared for their lives while in there. So as we were saying goodbye I shook his hand and.... he wouldn´t let go of it soo... I just acted normal like it was normal that he was doing that, then he squeezed really hard then looked in my eyes and said "you´re an angel... you have two things right on your head... two horns... and you have a tail.... and you have a pitchfork..." He basically told me I was Satan. He´s crazy though but sooo smart but soo crazy.

Well I gotta go love you all CHOU!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks for all the bday wishes and the letters.

Love Elder Russon

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