Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Letter 4/29/2013

So.... this week.

So this week has been really interesting. Fist we started this week by reactivating an ex bishop who hasn´t gone to church in like 12 years which was awesome for me because the Leaders of our ward told us it was literally impossible to get him to come to Church because they tried like a thousand times. But yeah we went anyways to his house last Monday and the lesson was about an hour long. For about 45 minutes it was us and him basically almost yelling at each other and us whipping out scriptures like crazy. So yeah I was sitting there thinking that this was a horrible idea and that we shouldn´t have gone to this house when out of no where it gets quiet for like 15 seconds and then he tells us "Maybe you guys do make sense... I think Christ would want me to go to Church and take the sacrament to remember him." I was just like WOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH. Because he was literally apostatizing the church like 5 minutes before. So yeah we felt super accomplished for helping him out because I was def starting to lose hope there for a second but then out of no where it hit him what he needed to do. Then at the end he bore to us his testimony about the power of our calling and the importance of reading the scriptures. Also we are going to try and get him called as our mission leader because the one we have right now we only see on Sundays.

So also this week we´ve encountered like 15 people who literally came up to me and told me they wanted to baptized .... but ALL but one live in other areas. So it was cool because I was an instrument in the Lords hand to help them come to Christ but also sad because I only got to really teach them once and after other missionaries will do it. But something cool this week was when me and my comp were sitting in the park. So we were contacting some people when my comp challenged some kids to tennis so we walked over to this park and I sat down and watched my comp play tennis with some kids. But as I was sitting there watching him this 20 year old kid came up to me. He walked straight up to me and asked me in perfect english if he could learn more about our church the "Mormons" because he wanted to become a member. So I gave him a sweet lesson and got him set up with a baptismal date and everything. It was awesome!!!! But then I ended the lesson and I asked him when we could visit him and he gave me his direction and OF COURSE he lives in the other area next to us. But it was a really cool experience. So yeah not much has happened in our area other than super awesome people that want to get baptized but live in every single place but our area.

Well thanks for the letters and support I´ll try and write all of you back, but no promises this letter might have to be it. Love you all. Talk to everyone next week. CHAO!!!!

Love Elder Russon

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