Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter 4/15/2013

Hey everyone

So I haven´t really read any letters yet, but I´ll read them all after my hour of email. So we had a huge announcement the other week in the mission. So for the last year and a half or so our entire mission hasn´t had the opportunity to play soccer. And we are in South America. Soccer is crazy huge important here and every mission in South America could play soccer except us. But the other week we finalllyyyyyyy got permission to play soccer so the entire mission is like going crazy. So last week our President decided to have a tournament between all the zones in Arequipa. It was awesome!!! So on Monday last week our zones took like 3 taxis over to this soccer field and we were all super pumped. It´s pretty far and the traffic is absolutely insane in Peru it´s like The Fast and Furious movie all day long here. So we jumped in 3 taxis and zoomed off to the field like 30 minutes away. So We are sitting in the car when the other Elders from our zone pull up next to us in a taxi and are like egging us on to race them to the field. So we are like We Will DESTROY YOU. So we are like pumping up our taxi driver giving him inspirational messages. And the light turns green and off we went and as the light turns green the song "Play that funky music white boy" goes on. So yeah it was awesome. We raced Fast and Furious style through the streets of Peru while the song "Play that Funky Music White Boy" was playing in the taxi. Then we did work in soccer. We beat every zone that we played against the first 6 games. Then we got tired and lost every game we played after. Definitely is a day I will not forget.

So the pictures I´m sending you guys are some baptisms we had this week. We had 3. Unfortunately none of them counted as Missionary Baptisms because the kids were all 8 years old and had a member of their family that is a member. The two little kids in white in the pictures are Louis and Fabricio. Their families are inactive and we are helping reactivate them and I baptized one of them. It was a really good week. Our numbers mission wise are pretty horrible for that last week. But we helped 2 souls come to the waters of baptism and helped 2 families come back to Christ. So it was a good week. So I don´t have much else to say I´ll read the letters in a few minutes though. Well I love you guys. Thanks so much for all the letters and support they meant the world.

Love Elder Russon

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