Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter 4/22/2013

Hey everyone.

So this week has kinda stunk. Our investigators NO PASAN NADA!!!! Well that´s like my favorite phrase ever in Spanish. You can´t really translate it to English though it basically means they don´t do anything.

So I got a lot to talk about. First off I forgot to tell you this but about 2 months ago the office lost my Passport and my Visa and my Peruvian ID so that is why I couldn't pick my packages up. But anyways this also basically means I am an illegal immigrant. So for the last 2 months and until they get me a new passport I´m an illegal immigrant in Peru. Pretty exciting right. I think I´m going to go into hiding soon the police are hot on my tail.

So yeah what else, oh yeah. Well I really really need some money. Like everything I have is falling apart. So mom if there is any way you could send me money to my card that would be awesome. So right now I only have 1 suit and it´s the smaller of my two suits and it barely fits. My other suit got destroyed by my sweat and tears. Also I only have 1 pair of church shoes right now and they are slowly dying. There is holes in the bottom of them and they are getting bigger every day. Also my only running shoes are very destroyed. My shoelaces are out of commission and the front of the shoes have holes in them. Yeah what else. Yeah so I would love some money because I really really need it. Also everything here basically costs the same. Shoes cost like $90 in dollars in USA and they cost like $90 in soles in Peru. But $1 of dollars is like $2.50 of soles so yeah send me some money so I can make bank off the exchange.

Oh yeah so I had an awesome experience with some Peruvian food this week. So we came in for Lunch one day this week and the pension was cooking up our lunch and we were just sitting there talking while we waited. Then she finished our food and plopped down two bowels of soup on the table. So I´m like... sweet just another good old day with some soup. But then I look at the soup, and you would never guess what she put in my bowl of soup. Sitting right smack dab in the middle of my soup is a pair of chicken feet... Straight up some chicken feet. They were not fake I promise. They were real legit chicken feet just chillin in my soup. So yeah I ate it and everything and oh man that was hard. Hopefully my pension saw the pain in my face as i ate those things and hopefully she wont make me eat that any more. My pension is freaking awesome though. She is hilarious probably the funniest lady I´ve ever met. Don´t worry I wasn´t offensive to here at all either.

Well I love you guys. Thanks so much for the letters. I´ll keep you updated on my citizenship status in this country. Hopefully they don´t deport me anytime soon. Well I don´t have any more time and I can´t think of anything to say... soooo Hasta Luego. Les amo muchisimo!!!

Love Elder Russon

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