Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter 4/8/2013

So this week was General Conference. It was sweet. Oh and we had a baptism also sweet. Hope you guys watched General Conference I learned a ton of really cool stuff from it. So for GC this week I got to watch in English which was awesome. So me and 2 other gringos sat in a room together just chillin while we watched GC in english. It was really fun. 10 hours hanging out with two other people who spoke english while listening to the prophet and apostles in english while watching tv. Definitely the first time I have ever watched a full session let alone all 5 of them hahaha. It was just a really awesome 2 days. But something cool happened between conference sessions while we were waiting for hours in the Chapel. So we had an investigator who attended the conference. So in between he was getting interviewed by our leader. So I was sitting there with his cousin who accompanied him to the conference he is 16 years old and not a member. So I was talking to him just making regular conversation about his school and home and what he wants to be when he grows up. Then I slowly started to run out of things to talk about with him, so I was thinking to myself and I was sitting there with him so I just decided what the heck I´m going to teach him the Doctrine of Chris and commit him to baptism. So I started giving him the lesson and everything and it was going great. So I finished the lesson ( more of a conversation) and I explained to him what his cousin was going to receive in a few hours and I explained what he felt while he was watching conference and everything. So I asked him if he wanted to follow in Christ´s footsteps to be baptized and if he believed the things I taught him were true and boom he was like " Yeah I want to get baptized." When I was explaining the Holy Ghost and the Gift of the Holy Ghost he actually said "COOL" like in the lesson. Ahhh it was just awesome. Unfortunately he doesn´t live in my area and he is moving a little farther away to our Zone Leaders area. But I brought one of our Zone Leaders over and got them signed up to visit him and get permission from his mom and everything. So needless to say I was a little proud of myself since I did all of that by myself while my companion was across the room talking with some other missionaries. But I definitely didn´t have much to do with it all. The conference and what he felt there had everything to do with it and the example of his cousin too. So later in the day (yesterday) we baptized his cousin and confirmed him in the Church. I don´t have any pictures of the kid I taught but the boy we baptized Joni is in the pictures I´m sending.

Well I love you all. Thank you so much for all the support and everything. Keep writing me thanks!!!!

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