Monday, May 6, 2013

Letter 5/6/2013

Hey everyone

So this week not much happened. I got ANOTHER new companion. Pretty dang sad about that because I loved my old companion. But my new companion seems alright so far so hopefully everything will go good. His name is Elder Marin he´s got 8 months in the mission. He´s also from Chile. I´m still in my same area.

Oh that story about Dad´s rescue training dummy was hilarious. I laughed pretty hard while reading that. Oh yeah and my suit I didn´t throw away. The pants got stained by my sweat, permanently. The pants have this rustic type look right around the knees. I didn´t trash anything, but I just can´t repair the pants and It´s going to be next to impossible to find pants that match correctly my suit. Thanks for the money. I´m going to go buy all the things I need soon.

I definitely love the people alot. The members are great so much fun to be with. The culture is pretty new and crazy, but right now I live in an area pretty similar to america. Oh and about my passport and everything. So I still have no idea what is up with all that and have no legal ID in Peru.

Well nothing really happened this week. Other than changes and a new companion everything was pretty much the same. I wish I had more to tell you guys. The new house looks awesome! Well I love you all. I´ll talk to you guys next week. Don´t worry I´ll try to find something awesome to write you next week. 

Love you all. Later!

Love Elder Russon

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