Monday, April 1, 2013

Letter 4/1/2013

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven´t written in a while. Some things happened and I just couldn´t. So anyways last Monday I got changed to a different city. A city in Arequipa, it´s called Dolores or Satelite, which means "pains". My new companion is called Elder Palacios. He is from Chili. He´s really really cool. He´s our District Leader. This past week we´ve been living with the Elderes of the city next to us. Elder Cook from Idaho and Elder Dias from Peru. This last week has been really really fun because we have 4 missionaries to every week which is a ton of fun. Unfortunately all of the fun ends today since we  moved houses today a few hours ago. The city we live in Satelite is really rich. It´s almost like America. I´ve actually had hot showers this week. Unfortunately because the people are really rich they pretty much don´t want anything to do with anything we say. It´s pretty crazy how stubborn these people are. I imagine it´s a lot like this in the States. It´s pretty cool though because at the same time the members of our ward are very cool and want to feed us which is a first. We had a visit Saturday where we were going to eat pizza but we had to fast so we couldn´t which was sad. So also there is a street in our area that is called Estados Unidos which is United States of America street. It´s got tons of cool stores and restaurants from America so it´s really cool because I have my own little piece of America in my area. Like last week we had burgers and fries, it was really cool. I think today we are going to go eat some more burgers and fries and also there is a cake store so I think I´m going to down a cake today.

The other day we had a really crazy awesome experience but then we realized something which didn´t make it super crazy awesome, but still cool. So yesterday we were talking with some members and they gave a reference to this house with a kid whose parents were requesting the missionaries which is like unheard of here. So we went to the house and we meet this 8 year old kid and his aunt who takes care of him. So we talk with them and we teach him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and commit him to baptism the next Saturday  And he´s like "Yeah I wanna get baptised really bad, I know it´s what I need to do in this life to follow Christ." His aunt is a member and she bore her testimony and everything and she was crying in the lesson. It was awesome. All of this is like unheard of in this part of Peru. So we end the lesson we are talking and the Aunt is telling us about his parents. So we find out they are separated and the dad isn´t a member but want´s to learn more, but the bad part. So the mom is a return missionary and inactive. So yes it´s a little sad that she´s inactive, but it´s also sad for us because since she´s a member this amazing lesson his baptism and everything that we received doesn´t mean anything for the mission. So yeah we we´re a little sad since it´s like impossible to get anything done in the past of Arequipa. But it´s still cool because maybe we can re activate the mom baptize the kid and even maybe baptize the dad.

Yeah that´s all for this week. Chillin in Satelite in Arequipa. It´s smack dab in the middle. Thanks for all the support and everything. Well thanks for everything. Thanks for all the emails and letters and support. Love you guys a lot.

Love Elder Russon

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