Friday, April 4, 2014

4/4/2014 Earthquake Letter

Hey fam and friends,

Well this is my internet for this week. Sorry I couldn´t write monday. It was a pretty busy day. We were in Arequipa and I didn´t have enough time to write, but I did send a bunch of pictures of the missionaries in Moquegua and of my old pensionista when I was in Arequipa. I visited her on monday and we ate breakfast there with her.

Well I´m sure everyone has heard, but there was an earthquake that hit Chile and Peru pretty hard on Tuesday. Our entire mission got the earthquake too, but luckily it wasn´t nearly as strong when it got to us. I think it was an 8.2 in Chile and a 5.6 by the time it hit us. We´ve also had a few other small ones since then. No missionaries got hurt from it as far as I know, none in our mission at least. We do have 3 zones that are beach zones and all three of them got evacuated from the beaches because of Tsunami warnings. But all that has passed so everything is pretty calm now. But dang reading Moms letter she said there were just a whole bunch of earthquakes in Cali and then the next thing you know there's a few in Peru also.

Me my comp and the 2 sisters in our zone were actually in Arequipa when the Earthquake hit. We had just finished a leadership council and we were eating in the mall before getting on our bus for a 4 hour bus ride Moquegua. It was pretty crazy because we were in the food court of the mall on the second story and there was like 300 people in the food court. Then out of no where some people starting running and then EVERYONE started booking it for the doors. We didn´t I was positive it was going to stop any second so we just waited. But it actually didn´t stop we felt the earthquake for like 40 seconds straight it was sooo weird. But we were inside of one of the strongest buildings in Arequipa so I wasn´t worried. But Peru has had a history of some pretty strong earthquakes that have done LOTS of damage so everyone in the food court went pretty crazy for a few minutes.

So the New York trip is tomorrow and Mikey is also on his Puerto Rico trip right now? Lucky ducks. Hey we´re going to have Peru trip when I get back right?!?!?!?!??! PLEASE!!!!! I wanna show you guys Peru and all the people I´ve met here and what it´s been like on the mission here.

Well sounds like Mom is having a blast on her new job and that Search and Rescue has kept Dad pretty busy too. With all this things happening around the world with earthquakes and all the rumors of war and stuff I hear (that might just be the peruvian newspapers that make me think there are sooo many rumors of war) makes me think of all the scriptures that talk about these things. Well it sounds like everyone is doing great having fun.

Well changes are this sunday. I´m probably going to lose my comp Elder Astle from Logan Utah. I´m super sad. I fricking love him sooo much. I´m worried my next comp wont be quite as cool as him. Hopefully my next comp is awesome too though. Oh also tomorrow and Sunday are GEN CONF I CAN¨T WAIT. Hey you guys better watch them!!

Well I love you all a ton. Oh and a HAPPY HAPPY BDAY TO MOM!!!!  Oh and Rene is getting baptized the 15th but we have another baptism tomorrow at 5 her name is Eva. Pray for her and Rene. Well love you all thanks a ton for the letters and for worryying about me. Gotta go CHOU CHOU

Love Elder Russon

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