Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/14/2014 Letter

Hey family and friends,

Well this week has been pretty crazy. I got my new comp Elder Priebe. He is from Idaho. He´s super cool and I get along great with him. We had a baptism the other day for Frank. He´s super super awesome. His entire family who aren´t members came to the baptism and bought all the cake and drinks and desserts and everything. They are a great family.

Well yesterday our Bishop was out of town so the 1st Counselor was put in charge. It was HILARIOUS. It was my comps and one other set of missionaries first time in our ward and the 1st Counselor went soooooo crazy on entire congregation. He started off the meeting before even having the prayer by giving us a 30 minute sermon about apostasy and it went down hill from there.  He said some other crazy stuff but I don´t remember all of it. But it was just soooo ridiculous and hilarious and then to see the reaction of my comp and the other missionaries that were new was just priceless. They were just like WHAT WAS THAT GARBAGE!!!! Is it always like that? It was pretty funny. Luckily the bishop should be back in town already. 
Well that´s all I got for this week.

Love you all a lot. Thanks a ton for the letters. I gotta go CHOU CHOU

Love ELder Russon

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