Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter 11/4/2013

So I sent the pictures of the Colca Canyon from last week and also of the baptism we had this morning.

First off..... I am sooooooo sad Hart los to Valencia. But I´m super happy that Davey had like 15 tackles and 3 sacks. Which is super crazy good.

Well this week was normal. We struggled ALL week long to get Alejandro baptized and finally today this morning he did. Alejandro is 96 years old and is almost completely deaf. ALSO he doesn´t understand Spanish. So for like the last 3 months we´ve been teaching him with people from our ward that speak his language(Ketchwa). We can communicate with him if we scream into his ear in Spanish but it is very very difficult. So he basically had like 4 different baptismal dates this week. First Friday then Saturday then Sunday then today in the morning he finally did it. The problem with him is that he forgets everything we teach him. He is pretty old and has a tough time remembering. So finally yesterday after church. We had one of the members who speaks Ketchwa ask him about baptism and then he started his same old spiel. But then the other members who spoke Ketchwa heard them talking and like 5 members shared with him and his wife with their testimonies. It was awesome and he and his wife were like "yeah, tomorrow, baptism." (His wife got sick this morning though and couldn´t get baptized). Anyways so we had the baptism this morning and guess where we did it at.... A PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL!!!! It was pretty weird but super awesome. Because what it really is is a hot spring. And they build a Swimming resort on top of the Hot Spring. So yeah that´s what happened this week.

Well I gotta go. Love you all a ton.

Thanks for the pictures they ROCK! CHOU CHOU!!!!

Love Elder Russon

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