Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter 11/18/2013

Hey everyone!

WOOOOHOOOO Hart won. That´s what I´m talking about. They are already in the playoffs? And Sam´s team got third. That´s awesome.

I sent the pictures of the baptism we had last week with Eddy. Some pictures of us chilling in one of the other villages that we cover. Also one of me carrying this Peruvian backpack for some lady. We were trying to talk to this lady but she was super super busy walking with all her strength with this backpack so I said I would carry it if she would listen to us. She let me wear her hat since I was doing the hard work.

Our Zone leaders came to our village for a day this week. It was nice having visitors. Also this December we are losing our House/Chapel here in Chivay so we went out looking for a new place to rent for the chapel and we found this super awesome abandoned hotel. It´s gonna be SOOOOO AWESOME if we get to use it for the chapel. Oh so yesterday there was no electricity in Chivay the entire day and no water so for church we had absolutely no light or water and it was super dark during the entire 3 hours of church. It was kinda saddening not gonna lie.

Yesterday we had 24 attend church. There is still a few people out of town. So hopefully when everyone gets back we can break the 30 barrier. That´ll be awesome. Well Right now I´m chillin in Arequipa. We have 1 pday a month in Arequipa and today is it.

Well I´m running out of time. I gotta go. Love you all CHOU CHOU

Love Elder Russon

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