Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter 10/21/2013

Hey everyone

Well this week we spent a ton of time in Arequipa like 3 full days for training and then I had to go to the Doctors because I've had a cough for like 7 months and I'm getting really sick of it. But it was a really fun and a good week. So I sent some pictures to you. The first is when we went down to Arequipa for the doctors. We got there at nighttime and had no where to go so we went to the Elders closest to us and they organized a wedding and baptism for some investigators that they were teaching. It was cool their whole ward came to support them too. My comp and I are behind the cake. Then the other picture is us at a Branch activity "picnic" we had this Saturday. We had tons of games for everyone to play and one was a sack race so there's a picture of me hopping around in a sack. then the last one was this morning. 

Sack race with Chivay Branch

Sooooooo changes were yesterday and me and my comp are splitting up. Sad, BUT my comp is only going to Chivay 2 which is the other group of missionaries in Chivay and I am staying in Chivay 1. We got our comps this morning. To play a prank on them as they came. We had the guy in the picture with me President Cardenas dress up as me to pick up our comps. SO he went to pick them up as Elder Russon while driving a car (which we cant do in this mission) with a cellphone (which we cant have) and as a 35 year old man. It was hilarious. They were freaking out thinking that we could do all this crazy things only in Chivay. They believed it all too. It was fun though. My new comp is Elder Cortes from Mexico.

Also this week was pretty good in Church attendance. We had 25 come in total which is the highest its been since I got here. And we have a few investigators preparing for baptism that should be happening this week or the next after.

Dang super happy for everyone in their games. Sounds like Davey had a dream like day against Golden Valley. And Sams team is still winning all their games. That's awesome. Sounds like there will be lots of Playoff games in our house this year. Davey also told me like all my old team is at COC that's awesome. And Teddy is coaching there too. Glad to hear Grandma and Grandpa made it down okay. Say hi to them for me too. Also say hi to Grandma Nancy I haven't heard from her in a while.

Love Elder Russon

Shoes after 1 year

The other Elder Russon

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