Monday, July 15, 2013

Letter 7/15/2013

LOL there is no way I want any week here to drag on longer than it should be, not gonna lie... but tomorrow I am planning on having a ton of fun and planning on eating a ton of american food for my birthday (20yrs). 

WOOO thanks for the packages!!!

I'm glad Ryker is happy with his mission. It wouldn´t bother me at all if I was serving in USA. 

LOL....grandma is grilling everyone to write letters!!! Good, I want more hand written letters!!! But don´t worry I love these too.

Dang Steven is going to Brazil,l awesome!!!! He´s gonna be chillin in the jungle.

Oh so this week I ate something really weird. COW UTTERS..... I had no idea what it was until after I finished it but WHY IN THE WORLD would they eat that... It wasn´t bad but just gross thinking about it. Oh also I need to know the day that CoC starts and BYU. Por Favor... 

OHHH so this week we baptized someone named Samuel this guy is freaking SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! He was really afraid to get baptized because he really wanted to get an answer from god to do it before he did it. But we read him Ether 12:6 and I told him "look I don´t know when you are going to get your answer or your testimony but you won´t receive anything until the trial of your faith... and I know that the baptism is the trail of your faith" so he got baptized this Saturday and confirmed Sunday and boom by the time the church ended He was like "DUDE you were right!!!" So he talked to the Stake President about receiving the Aaronic priesthood next week and the Stake Pres told us "That guy has a really strong testimony... HOW?" It was awesome love this guy a lot. So glad we got to help him. He´s gonna be great some day.

Well I gotta go. Love you all a lot. Thanks for everything. 

BIG 20 TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Elder Ryan Russon

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