Monday, July 1, 2013

Letter 7/1/2013

Well Hey everyone!!! What´s up!

SO ATTENTION! I just found out that padded envelopes go right through the customs thing for letters and packages. So i can receive a padded envelope without having to set up my letter of authority thing to someone in our office. But that is not an excuse to send me less things!!!! I still want a package that looks like that DELICIOUS package you sent me the went back home.

Holy cow it was 127 in Death Valley is that even possible.

Why is it soooooo hot right now in Cali???

LOL mom got to work a Beyonce concert!!! That´s awesome!!

Yeah I´m very happy for our convert Donald he just received the Aaronic priesthood this week too it´s awesome. He goes to church in a suit and everything! 

Davey. Hey you guys need to like record his games for when I come back. I want to see him play SOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey so send me an awesome package. I AM SOOOOO sad that I still don´t have a package. EVERY KID in the mission has recieved a package but me because of our turd office haven´t received one! I am not counting anything I received in the MTC because here in the field is when it counts and when you actually need a package!

Well I´m doing great out here. I´ve been fasting a ton lately the last few months and finally we are starting to find some AWESOME people like Donald who I will NEVER forget! We should be having a baptism this week on Saturday maybe 2 and probably another one the next week. Well I love you guys a lot. Thanks everyone for all the letters and stuff. They mean a TON to me. Well I gotta go. Later!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and we met this guy Saturday he´s a friend of a member. So we went to his house and this guy is INSANE but sooo AWESOME!!! So we were talking to him and this guy just loves to talk. So we literally said like 30 words and he talked for like an hour straight. So he asked me a question and I told him I didn´t understand this word he was using. So for the next 1/2 hour I was listening to him talk every single sentence in Spanish and then translated to English. I understood EVERYTHING!! But because I didn´t understand this one word he translated EVERYTHING to English. But so yesterday he went to church and after church ended we were walking with him and I was like hey I want to show you something. So we showed him the baptismal font and he walked up to it and it was full. So he asked is someone getting baptized right now? And I said no, but you´ll be getting baptized this Saturday right here. He was like " ohhhh.... WAIT SERIOUSLY" I was like yeah this next Saturday. So he was like "Yeah okay let´s do it! So yeah now he is going to get baptized this Saturday.

Well that is all. Love you all thanks for the letters and everything gotta go. Later

Love Elder Russon

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