Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Letter 7/8/2013

HEY TODOS!!!!!!!

Tell Grandma Nancy and Grandma Graf happy birthday and that I love them a lot.

Ohhh and tell Grandma my favorite scripture is Ether 12:6 because it´s the reason we have a baptism this Saturday...

So first off we got a new president. I don´t think I told you guys but we got a new prezzy who is from Las Vegas and doesn´t speak very much spanish but he is sooooo much different from our last president. Our last president was like a drill instructor but our new president is sooo awesome. He tells us we are doing a good job he tells us he loves us and everything... it´s soo awesome and different.

Oh also last week I went to the mall and bought a suit. I sent you guys a picture of it. So the suit is like this pinstriped grey suit and it is CRAZY FLY! It´s a really really really nice suit and guess what that entire suit, pants the whole deal cost me $50.... seriously that´s it $50 and then I bought this awesome new tie and belt and in total it cost $70 for the whole thing. CRAZY right. This place rocks for prices.

So we were going to have a baptism this last Saturday but our investigator lost his mind and went on vacation the morning of without telling us. When he gets baptized i`ll tell you about him. This guy is sooo crazy but sooo smart and sooo cool.

Also, I went to the mall last monday and OH MY GOSH I literally thought I was in America for like a whole hour. It is literally EXACTLY the same. I felt sooooo good just being in there. It was awesome.

Oh so for 4th of July we did nothing.... but all the gringos (white people from USA) we were all extra crazy that day. A few times the other missionaries had to tell us to shut up. (We had a meeting that day in the morning).

Well Not much has happened this week. We do have a baptism set up for this Saturday and I don´t think this guy will drop out on us... I hope. Well I love you all a lot. Sorry that I don´t have too much to send you all. Oh and send me something AWESOME for my birthday because I want something awesome and I am yet to receive a package Well gotta go CHOU!!!!

Love Elder Russon

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