Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Letter 12/2/2013

NICE Hart is still in the Playoffs. Hopefully they destroy Valencia like 54 to 0. How did Davey do in the game?

Well this week in Chivay we had like 60 missionaries from the mission come to Chivay with our Mission President too. They all came up and did service all day long. It was awesome. We cleaned the plaza of Chivay and a bunch of streets and painted the plaza and cleaned the Market here. I sent some pictures. Oh and also changes were yesterday and no one from Chivay had changes sooooo I´m gonna be here for Christmas and Thanksgiving. We talked with our Mission President and he might give us permission to go down to Chivay to be able to skype you. But it probably wont be on Christmas day. What do you all think. Skype on a day close to Christmas or a phone call on Christmas day? I´m good with both. Not sure what´s going to happen yet but just so you know.

Oh and you know how in the States usually the animals you find inside of a house are cats and dogs. Well we were buying breakfast this morning and turned a corner and like 10 sheep came bookin it out of the front door of one of our neighbors houses. It was pretty weird to see. Oh and I have some HORRIBLE news. So our mission got soccer taken away again. I´m SOOOO SAD. When I first got here my first like 4 months we didn´t have soccer. Then a few days ago our Mission President told us we lost permission to play soccer again. A whole bunch of missionaries, like 4, have gotten injured pretty badly from soccer and are going home for it. So PDays now are horrible. Once again. Hopefully he is super nice and as a Christmas present gives us socccer back.

Well I gotta go love you all. Thanks for the letters CHOU CHOU

Love Elder Russon

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