Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter 12/23/2013

Hey Everyone

Well it sounds like everyone has been pretty busy with Christmas. Dang I´m super excited for Christmas, but at the same time Christmas here is nothing like Christmas at home. Well I got all 3 of the Christmas packages that you all sent me. THEY ROCKED. Oh my gosh to eat some Hot Cheetoh Fries again was SOOO DELICIOUS!!!!! Also you sent me a ton of Oatmeal. Not gonna lie Oatmeal has never tasted soooo good in my entire life. They have oatmeal here but... it´s SO different. I have no idea why the oatmeal here is so different but also they only sell it in like plain oats so I have to make the flavors myself and it´s just nothing close to the oatmeal preflavored you sent me.

Oh yeah sooo on wednesday my time I´ll be calling you guys at 11 am. I´m going to attempt skype because President Cardinas has this USB chip that can grab internet like a cell phone. And it works super good, so I wanna try skype first and if it doesn´t work I´ll just call you all. Hey but I think it´ll be way better to call our home phone because this call is gonna get super expensive if I call a cell phone.

Wow I´m sorry to hear about Mr. Mazzacco. Hope their family is doing okay. Their son Matt played football with me and he´s a great person.

Well yesterday Chivay had a baptism. We ALMOST had a baptism. Shirley an investigator of 1 year went to the baptism the other day and she was SUPER close to saying yes and getting baptized right there. But it´s also super probable that she gets baptized this week.

Also we had our Christmas Devotional this week with the mission and it was SUPER AWESOME! 

We played a ton of football after writing last week and I sent a few pictures of us on the field. It wasn´t nearly as satisfying as I thought it would be though. No one here knows anything about football here so it was just me organizing and doing everything. 

Oh also in the baptism it was crazy getting to the baptismal area. From the rains the river raised like a TON and we had to cross the river with our pants rolled up and shoes in our hands. 

Lol also on the way back from the baptism we passed by a little truck filled with like 25 people. I swear the truck is only meant for like 5 people hahaha.

Our little branch had their Christmas Party.

Well that´s about it for this week. I love you all. I´ll be calling or skyping 9 am your time on Wednesday so be ready and be on time. And have both the skype and the phone ready because I want to try out skype first.

Love Elder Russon

Look I found another Alpaca.

Nice Alpaca!

Bad Alpaca!!!!

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