Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Letter 12/9/2013


WOOOHOOOOOO HART WON CIF!!!!!! That´s awesome. Dang I hope they beat Chaminade.

Oh sooooo I decided to not do the treatment. I called the mission medic and the wife of the Mission Presdent answered and basically told me that NO ONE thinks this is the reason I´m coughing so instead of the treatment we are going to send all the tests I´ve taken to the Missionary Doctors in Salt Lake. I´m going to give them all my tests tomorrow and they´ll send them and we´ll see what they say.

Dang you guys HAVE TO BUY THE HART GAMES FOR ME TO WATCH! I need to see them after the mission. Dang 6500 people that´s crazy. Was in at CoC? Wish Hart the best of luck against Chaminade. Dang I hope Hart takes State.

Well I sent some pictures. This week the rainy season started in Chivay. And OH MY GOSH it´s rained SOOO MUCH and it´s sooooo cold here. Actually it´s not that cold because it´s not snow but it´s still super cold. Well this week the plaza of Chivay was finally finished and now the entire city is getting drunk and playing in bands. Seriously the last time there was a big party in Chivay it was horrible. Drunk people sleeping in the middle of the streets for like 5 days. The city was TRASHED after it too. But this time we have something on our side. THE RAIN AND COLD!!!! That´ll keep a good chunk of them off the streets. But the plaza here just got finshed and it´s AWESOME! I´m gonna take some pictures of it right now and I´ll send them next week. Well other than that nothing happened this week. We were supposed to see he Christmas Devotional yesterday but the internet here couldn´t even receive it yesterday because of all the clouds and rain. Well That´s all I got for this week.

Oh and what do you guys think Skype on a day near Christmas or phone call on Christmas?

Well I love you all a lot. 

Gotta go Thanks a ton for the letters. CHOU CHOU!!!

Love Elder Russon

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