Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter 10/14/2013

Hey fam

BTW, I´m chillin in Arequipa right now for our Pday with the zone.

This week was cool because we raised the branch attendance up again to 24 this week. We basically just focus on the members in Chivay because they are in a pretty rough spot right now. We do VERY little missionary work and it´s all just reactivating members. Although this Saturday morning, we were walking and some lady walked up to us and asked us if we could teach her family. So we go in and teach them and they were GOLDEN!!!!! They had questions and everything. They asked if they could go to church with us without us even asking them. So yesterday they showed up to church during testimony meeting. In the middle of the meeting the mom, her first time ever at church, walks up to the stand and gives her testimony. She had been praying for help to god lately and that same morning we walked right into her. IT WAS AWESOME! I literally feel like God just handed us the most golden family ever for our work in making sure all the members are taken care of.

Thanks for all the letters they mean a lot. Oh and we did some straight up FARM work this week. I sent pictures of us digging a trench for water, me about to jump on a bull, and me following a heard of angry bulls who actually ended up charging me a little later but I didn´t get pictures of that.

Well I gotta go love you and thanks a ton for the letters CHOU CHOU

Love Elder Russon

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