Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter 10/7/2013

Hey everyone

Well this week was pretty normal. Like usual nothing too crazy other than the branch is passing through TONS of problems. Conference here was pretty cool. We actually didn´t end up going to Arequipa because OIM which is the organization within the church that handles all the building and expansion and renovation and all that stuff for the church came and brought us some crazy USB that caught internet like a cell phone. But we had about 22 attend every session (not priesthood tho... my gosh what a headache that was) which is super cool. Because the members here really needed to see and hear conference and they ended up being able to. Also we passed out papers and pens to all the members and they ended up taking notes about the conference which also was awesome. 

Oh this week we got to do service in one the farms of the members. It was super cool. First we started up hucking some corn and then we went to their farm to harvest alfalfa. I sent some pictures. What else happend this week. Well we finally finished moving into our new house. It´s super tiny. Imagine my old room as your entire house. It´s our bathrrom, kitchen, living room, bed room, and everything. But it´s cool though. Also we aren´t really in there all that much so it´s no big deal. Oh so for the priesthood session me and my comp showed up and set everything up and we sat there by ourselves for like 30 minutes. Then finally some 9 year old kid and his mom showed up. The other missionaries didn´t even show up. Anyways. Chivay is suffering a bit right now. But it´s all good. I know that as hard as it is right now and as hard as it´ll get all of this will just become A GIANT blessing for us later on. 

Hey you guys gotta get me more updates on the games. Stats everything the works. Well I gotta go. Love you all a ton. CHOU CHOU

Love Elder Russon

Oh and for Dad, I found this leg on the ground the other day. It´s from an Alpaca.

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