Monday, June 10, 2013

Letter 6/10/2013

HEY Everyone!!!

Well let´s seeee. This Sunday is changes soooo I might be changing areas. I really hope I don´t leave this area. This area is really hard and the work is pretty slow here but I love this area sooo much and my companion is awesome. But the next time I write I might be in a totally new place which would be sad but it happens. I´ve had a new companion every change so I want to be with my companion for more time.

So this week we had a tornado in Arequipa don´t know if you heard. It wasn´t very strong but I think a few people have died from it. Also there is this stadium near our house and the entire ceiling collapsed. Pretty crazy!

Also I´ve learned that I am now allergic to cats. I don´t know what happened I never had any problems with our cat Grounder or any other animals. But the other day I was playing with some cats and my eyes went all crazy itchy and started watering. Also my head started itching like crazy and my nose got all runny.  I don´t know why this has happened. Maybe I´m just allergic to the cats in Peru. I don´t know. But I´m still all good with dogs.

Well the pictures I sent you... one is of me chilling with this wolf dog that one of the members has. The other two are me with our cell phone. Pretty cool the cell phone right? I totally walk down the street with that in my hands like it´s no big deal.

Glad everything is going good with everyone. I´m still in my area with warm water right now. Hopefully I don´t leave to an area with cold water that would stink...

Well I don´t have anything else for you all today. Love you all. Thanks for all the emails and letters. They mean a lot to me. Well I gotta go. Love you all a lot. LATER!!!!

Love Elder Russon

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