Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letter 5/27/2013

OHHHH MY GOSH!!!!! Man I would die for all that food and goodies (Gift box was returned home after 4 months in Peru's mail system). Well the good news is that I have my passport and everything now. Sooo if you do want to send me something I can pick it up now.

Pictures of my zone a few weeks ago, one of me with the baptism we had this saturday!!!!, and one of me playing on a swingset this morning.

Well first something cool that I think you should all know is that all the people in Peru think I am 30 years old. Everytime we meet someone they always ask us how old we are. And instead of telling them we ask them to guess. So this week we had some people tell me they thought I was 25 and 28 and one person said 30. No one ever says lower than like 24. But every time I tell them I´m only 19 they all freak out. They always think I´m lying. But yeah I just thought that was pretty awesome that I´m only 19 and the people here all think I´m like mid 20´s or 30.

So this baptism we had this week was crazy. His name is Diego. He is 9 years old and OH MY GOSH it was hard to baptize him. We literally had like a 5 hour baptismal service. So first when we were getting ready the baptism the bishop left town so we had to wait for him to come back so we didn´t start getting everything ready until 2 when the baptism should have started. So finally we got the keys and everything and we had the font filling up and heating and everything. Then we found out the keys to the baptismal clothes weren´t in the church. Some lady from our ward had it. So we were running all over our are looking for her and never found her. So we gave Diego some really really small shorts and he was like 12 sizes to big for these pants so he was like "NO WAY, get me new pants". So we ran over to our house to grab my comps pants and we run back and Diego tried them on. Now these pants were like 12 sizes to big for him. At this point it´s like 330 and Diego is not happy at all. He refused to leave the bathroom. So finally after talking with him for a long time we got him to change pants with me. So we switched pants and finally he was like yeah okay these are okay. So finally he left the bathroom. But now he was all afraid to be in front of the people so he refused to enter the baptism room. So we had EVERY single person at the baptism leave so he could enter the room without them watching him. Then they ALL came back after he was in the room. So finally we started the service and then we got to the actual water part. So I get in the water and we had forgotten to turn off the heater this whole time so the water was basically scolding hot. It literally hurt to get in. So I got in and I was like OHHH feels great. So he dips in his toe and he´s like " NO WAY!" I don´t want to get baptized lets go home. So his aunt who he lives with was like get in the water. So I had to grab him and carry him into the water. And he was yelling and screaming and the entire audience could hear him yelling at me through the curtains that the water was killing him. So finally after like 20 minutes of getting used to the water he was ready. So I baptized him and everything went good after that. But yeah it was a pretty tough day up to then. Diego is really awesome though this kid is like a genius. He understood chapters in the Book of Mormon better than I understood them. Yeah that´s my story for this week. It was really funny and really hard.

Well I gotta go. Thanks for trying to send me the package. Sorry it got sent back. Well I love you guys a lot thanks for all the letters and support and packages. Well I gotta go. LATER!"!!

Love Elder Russon

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