Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Letter 5/13/2013

It was soooooooo good to talk to you all yesterday. Made me a little sad, but it was good to see you and talk with you all. Can´t believe it´s already over!!! I got your pics of the Farewell and the Coke run and Davey. HOLY CRAP Davey is freaking HUGE!!!! I do like the hair though it looks cool. Can´t wait to see you all again in another 6 months.

But this week was the first week with my new companion. Not gonna lie it´s a little tough. He doesn´t talk very much so I do almost all of the talking. But he´s a really relaxed guy and he reminds me a little of Davey so it´s not all bad. We worked pretty hard this week and worked a TON with the members and when yesterday came around not a single investigator showed up to church. It was pretty sad especially since we went to like 30 houses to pick up the investigators and a lot of the members said they were going to bring people and no one showed. But it´s alright I love my ward to death and they make my day worth it when I get to talk and help one of them out.

Yesterday we had a really cool experience with some members. So at church a member asked if we could pass by his house at night and give his dad a blessing. So after we finished talking with our families we left to his house. So we got there and him and like 30 of his family members where there. All of them but 2 were non members. So we walk in and explain a little what we are going to do. So we go into the room of the dad and the entire family enters and circles the bed. So we give the blessing to the dad and then the son who asked us to come asked if we could sing some hymns around the bed. So we sang a few hymns and the spirit was SOOOO strong. Then we left to the family room and the family asked us how they could find peace in this hard time in their life. So I read John 14:26-27 and explained about the Holy Ghost and peace we can receive from the companionship of him. As I was explaining it I started to tear up a little and while talking about it like 5 other family members started to cry. Then after talking about the Holy Ghost we asked if we could do anything more to help them out. One of the brothers asked us if we could give his baby a blessing and then a few seconds later one of the sisters asked us if we could give her a blessing because she has cancer. So we gave 2 more blessing and the entire family was locked in on us the entire time we were their. It was amazing. Then they asked me If I could say a prayer before we left for the the family. So we all kneeled down and I offered the prayer. It was such an amazing experience. I felt the spirit really strong and I felt so happy just being in the house with that family. Definitely not going to forget that experience.

Well other than that we´ve had some really good lessons and some really good investigators but none of them went to church so they aren´t as perfect as I thought. Well I LOVED talking to you all yesterday. Made me soooo happy to see everyone. Love you all a ton. Hope everything is going good for you. Well I gotta go. Love you all talk to you next week.

Love Elder Russon

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