Monday, January 7, 2013

Letter 1/7/2012

Well I miss everyone a ton. If you think about it I send an email every week and there are about 100 weeks in two years so every letter I send I`m 1% closer to seeing you. So idk that statistic is always in my head. This also means I`m only going to be able to send you a total of 100 emails before this is all over!!! 

I have another funny drunk story from last night!!!
So it`s like 8:20 at night and me and my companion are street contacting for the last few minutes of our day. And my companion walks off and starts talking to this man and then I find a women and her child and talk to her for a while. Then after finishing I turn to go find my companion and he`s like 1/2 a mile down the street walking and holding hands with this guy he contacted. So I`m like what in the world!!!!! So I start running to catch up to him and I realize oh this must be a drunk guy again. So I walk up and introduce myself and we start talking and then he grabs my hand. And he just talks and talks and talks for like 3 minutes while holding my hand and walking. So now I`m walking down the street with a full grown man holding his hand. Then finally we come to the crossroads where he goes this way and we go this way. All the while I`ve been holding his hand and walking. So we stop and he lets go and then goes straight for my companions hand. Then he talks for a while, while holding my companions hand. Then he switches over to me for a while. And then finally, it`s like 9 now, after like 1/2 an hour of talking to this man and holding his hand and walking we finally shake his hand 5 more times and are able to go home.

Ok well I gotta go. Love all of you. Miss you more than you could possibly imagine. I`ll try and find some different stories than just funny drunk people. I just run into sooooo many of them and they are sooooo hilarious all of the time. And it`s only me too. No one else ever runs into them and has funny experiences like me and my companion. Well a few, but I`ve had like 6 funny stories in 2 weeks of drunk people and my companion only has 1 from before I became his companion and he has been out for a year and a half. Hope you could find where I lived in Google Maps. If you did you should be able to see tons of writing in huge letters on a side of a sand mountain.

Peru MTC

Elder Sehesdedt - One of Tadd Crockett's roommates at UofU

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