Monday, January 28, 2013

Letter 1/28/2013

So a lot has happened lately. We had changes this morning at 3 am. So I´m still in Ciudad Nueva!!! Which is awesome because I love my ward they are amazing. Unfortunately my companion left this morning to go be the Zone Leader of another zone in Tacna. I was very sad. We got along great and he was sooooo much fun. He was a really good teacher. He taught me a lot and helped me a lot. I was very sad to see him leave. He was very sad too. He wanted to stay. He wanted to be with this ward and me more than he wanted to be a zone leader. Great guy hope I see him again. I get my new companion tomorrow morning. Right now I´m hanging out with my companion from the Peru MTC and our District Leader. Both of them also lost their companions today. 

I can´t wait to get my package. I should have like 3 or more packages waiting for me soon. So yeah I can´t wait.

Well we haven´t talked to the family that needed to get married yet. They went on vacation to Lima this week, but me and my new companion will talk to them soon. We had two more baptisms this week. Unfortunately I was on an exchange and at a different baptism for our second one and I didn´t have a camera so I only got one picture of the three I was at this week. But the one I got the picture of is the important one. Because I got to baptism him myself which was really awesome. His name is Manuel Nolasco. He´s awesome. Very happy hard working kid. He´s only 16 and he works and goes to school like all day long. He´s such a happy person though. He´s just awesome. So yeah that was more or less my week. Most of my week was preparing people for February to get baptized.

So in the mission we have weekly goals. These include 2 baptisms every week 30 lessons taught 140 contacts made 21 new investigators and lots of other stuff. These goals aren´t very easy to obtain. You have to work really hard and get pretty lucky and have lots of member support to complete every goal for a week. But for this month of February we have 8 baptisms already scheduled which is super awesome because if we work hard enough we could complete 100% of our goals for an entire month. Which would be sweeeeeeeet. So we have lots of stuff happening in February so I hope my new companion is up for it. 

I don´t have any funny stories for this week. I´ll find some funny stories with me new companion. I´ve been changing a ton this last week though. My spanish has gotten soooooooooo much better it´s insane. I can actually speak fluently and express pretty much whatever I need to. I don´t pause in between sentences and everyone can understand me. It´s awesome. It´s still pretty hard to understand the people here but I can understand them sooooo much better right now than i could a week ago. Also I teach sooo much differently now. Before I barely taught anything. I would just teach a few principles of a lesson and then my companion would do everything else. And I actually want to teach and talk to people. I literally get joy in giving talks and teaching people. I´ve just been learning so much and changing so much it´s awesome. My first day in the field I literally didn´t talk to anyone. I said hi and bye to everyone and give testimony but that was it. Now I wish I had more time to teach. For example I can´t wait to give another talk in church, my last one was awesome and made me feel great. Well long story short I´m doing great and I can actually speak spanish right now and teach in spanish and becoming a better person.

So actually I kinda have a funny story. So we have a Brother in our ward who is called to serve in Fresno and he leaves in like 3 weeks. So we we´re talking with him and he really wanted me to teach him a mini lesson in English just so he could hear what the language sounded like. So I started teaching him and I was all over the place. I couldn´t remember the English words to anything I wanted to say. My companion and the Brother were cracking up. Every like 10 seconds I would just pause I sit there trying to find the right word in English. Then half the sentences I said kept coming out of my mouth as spanish instead of English. So yeah it was pretty funny.

Got everyone's pictures. Happy Birthday Dad! Looks like you guys are having sooooo much fun! Helicopter rides, snowboarding, what´s next? Glad everything is going good. I´m pretty jealous I can´t wait to go snowboarding and go on vacation in 2 years... Well I´m doing great. Miss you all a ton. Can´t wait for all my packages. Love you all. Oh make sure you tell Grandma I love her and say Hi. She´s like the only one that has no way to talk to me now so I feel kinda bad. Well Love You all. Have a great week. Oh the pictures are Me and the investigator I baptized. My zone before today. And come of the Elders in my zone.

Love Elder Russon

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