Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Letter 1/15/2013

Well I had to travel to Lima on Sunday so I just got back this morning at 4 am and I still had to wake up at 630 so I`m pretty tired right now, but luckily I get to write you all still. Which is awesome. Flew on three different planes and took a 6 hour bus ride along with all that. And they didn`t feed us so I went 28 hours without food and water, so I was like dying the other day. But i`m okay now. Nothing to crazy or cool happened this week. A few more borochos (drunks) chased me down in the streets this week. One actual caught me but he was sneaky about it he asked for a blessing and I was o yeah I`m definitely talking with this guy. Then boom he got closer and went straight for my hand... key indicator that they are drunk. Always want to talk to me or hold my hand. 
So this week I had some interesting eating stories. So I had cow stomach this week. It wasn`t bad at all but here`s how the meal started out. Me and my companion open up our plates. I go oh what is this with my rice and potatoes... And he just stares at me for a couple seconds and stares at my food and then at me. So I`m like ohhhh nooooo. So after he pauses for like 30 seconds to answer me I start thinking that this is some disgusting part of an animal that will make me throw up just knowing what it is. So i tell him i don`t want to know. So we start eating and i finish and hes like oh it`s cow. So i`m like what we eat cow all the time what in the world are you talking about. Then he tells me it`s the inside of a cows stomach. And starts laughing like as hard as he can. He thought it was hilarious. He knows I`m shaky with meat.
So this is a few nights later. We get home for dinner and it`s pretty late and my companion books it to the bathroom. So i go and sit down and look at the food. And it`s spaghetti and I can`t eat spaghetti i don`t know why I just can`t and it`s like a tonnnnnn of spaghetti. So he`s chilling in the bathroom so i start dishing out like all my spaghetti onto his dish. So i dish out like half of my food onto his plate. So I close both of our dishes and walk back in the our room. So a few minutes later I hear the bathroom door open so I walk out of the bedroom and follow behind him to the dinner room. So we say our prayer and i start pouring my drink and he takes off the top of his plate and he has soooooooo much spaghetti under his plate I instantly just start crying tears of laughter. It`s like a good 8 inches tall of spaghetti. He instantly just starts moaning and saying Que he hecho para esto, which means What have I done to deserve this. He keeps saying that and then turns to me. And then he stares at me and waits for me to take of my lid and I do and i have like 2 inches high of spaghetti  And he`s like why!!!!!!!!! What did i do!!!!!!!! So he starts chowing down and is like half crying of sadness because he has to eat it all. And this entire time he thinks the pensanista our cook just gave him more for some reason. And i know he thinks this sooo i`m just laughing our entire meal. Finally like 20 minutes later he finishes and just sits there like totally unable to move. It was soooo funny. He still thinks right now that the pensanista was like mad at him or something.
So also another day we had this dish that is just pure purple fruit type juice. It`s like a giant 3 gallon bowl of purple mush. So I`m like sweet JELLO!!!! So i`m all excited for the prayer. It was horrible. 

Thanks for all the support. 

Love Elder Russon

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