Monday, January 21, 2013

Letter 1/21/2013

So I don`t know if I told you but my record for most people in a Convi or mini van is still 26. So we had a baptism fall through twice this week, which really sucked and I was going to baptize them so I was pretty sad about that... but we have a baptism tomorrow and I´m going to be the person baptizing so that´ll be awesome. We had 5 investigators attend church yesterday, which was awesome!!!! Unfortunately or like golden family we were going to baptize soon just informed us they aren´t married sooo that also mad me really sad because the dad is sooooooo good. He knows the bible sooooo well and he´s such a powerful speaker when he talks it´s awesome, but we are teaching him and he´s totally accepting of everything and he´s like "Oh that makes so much more sense" all the time. But yeah we´re going to have to tell him and his wife they have to get married if they want to get baptized so that´s going to be really weird. Me and my companion are thinking that I´ll just tell them and in English and then he´ll translate so it´s less stressful for us both... since they can´t understand my words so I won´t feel stressed and my companion is only translating soooo he won´t feel stressed either. I think it´ll go great... Yeah what else. Oh I gave a talk yesterday about Adversity. Not gonna lie. It was amazing. Peru is so different the people are so relaxed it´s insane. Like nothing is too serious for them... nothing!!! Sacrament starts at 9 and like 1/3 of our ward shows up on time at 9, 1/3 shows up at 930, and 1/3 shows up at 10ish when it´s done. The relaxed nature of the Peru also makes it very very hard to get investigators to attend sacrament, and if they aren´t attending sacrament we aren´t going to baptize them. It´s also very cool though, because everybody here is very accepting and never to up tight. Like in Peru you will never ever get a door slammed in your face, it´s just not how they do things. Actually last night we got a door slammed in our face, but that was just a really weird experience. 

We knocked on the door and I was like Hola We´re miss- SLAM... So I was like next house! And my companion just stood there like in shock like what in the world was that. So I was like don´t worry buddy next house. And as we were walking away they reopen the door and they´re like what´s up? So I start teaching him and he´s acting really weird. So my companion signals to me to cut the conversation and move on, I´m thinking he´s drunk i´m not really sure though. So I´m like You want to build you faith? He´s like yeah... So I´m like alright boom Pray tonight, read the pamphlet we gave you and on Sunday attend church. So he´s like "alright sweet". So then we´re like adios and move on. Then I ask my companion what was up with him and he told me he was under the influence of drugs so my companion knew instantly so he just let me talk to the entire time. So yeah that was a good teaching experience for me. Well nothing too interesting or funny happened this week.

These pictures are me this morning. One just standing there. The second chasing down a contact across the street. The third was actually my first day in Arequipa. Super beautiful... Tacna where I´m at right now does not look like that.

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