Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Letter 2/18/13

This week was kinda sad. So many people just completely shut me and my companion down these last couple days. I feel like I´m becoming such a better teacher but at the same time not as much success and we´re running into more adversity. We have been working really really hard. Our numbers are way higher than they have been in weeks before but I don´t know we have just ran into a lot of problems lately. I was reading the BoM today in Moroni 7 and there´s like 100,000 crazy awesome scripture in this chapter especially about faith. So I wanted to share this chapter with you all. I also love Moroni 7:33. Through faith everything is possible. So just remember that if you have faith and if you are asking with sincerity and for important things that you sincerely need Heavenly Father will help you. Well I love you guys a lot. I´m doing good out here. Time is moving pretty fast. It´s crazy how much has already passed. Well I love you guys thanks so much for writing me and all the support. Oh and technically I could write you guys letters but it costs about 4 bucks for a letter so If you guys want to send me a few extra dollars I could send some written letters to you with some more details about everything. Love you all.

Love Elder Russon

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