Monday, February 11, 2013

Letter 2/11/2013

Holy cow I got like 30 emails this week. And last week I only got like 3. Well I obviously haven´t been able to read them all. I only read a little of everyone's letter then I spent about 30 minutes of my 45 taking pictures of all the emails so I can read them later. I have no idea what most of the letters said, but I´ll write about my week and read them all later today.

Okay first on my wish list for my next package. No rush don´t worry. By the way I still haven´t received any packages because the Office can´t send them to me without my Power of Attorney or whatever so that´s taking forever. But So I would love some type of exercise band with like handles and is relatively hard to pull. There´s really not much we can do for exercise and I want to do more. Also some gel soles for my  heels specifically would be awesome. 

Glad everyone is having fun. Saw all the pictures you sent me. Can´t wait to hear about the Peruvian restaurant. I think the food in America is more foreign to me than the food in Peru, so also I can´t wait to try some American food.

Not much happened with me this week. The days are really flying by though it´s pretty crazy. I´m a lot more used to my companion now, and we get along really well. Oh the other day we were teaching with a member and it was like 830 and we were in a convi driving back to our house and he didn´t need to be with us any more. So I was thinking and then it popped into my head I should probably tell him he´s ,free to go, before we pass his house and he has to walk extra far. So i yell across the convi "Roy! Está libre". Which means you´re free to go. So like right after I said this every person in the convi all in one motion turned their heads at me and looked at me like "what in the world". Roy (the member) is also looking at me like what? And I turn to my companion and he´s laughing sooo hard. So I just sit there for the rest of the ride thinking to my self "what in the world did I say". So after we get off i ask my companion what I said and apparently It´s like a phrase you use if you´re like a cop and releasing someone from prison or if you´re holding someone hostage. So I guess everyone in the convi thought I was holding him hostage or something. Also he paid for our convi fare so that didn´t help my cause either.

What else... Oh well I don´t know if I wrote this yet but English is soooo hard for Peruvians to speak. For example they can´t tell the difference in work and word. But every single non English speaking person in the mission is learning English. It´s hilarious because everyone is trying to learn it but they say the words soo funny. I have so many funny stories with them trying to speak English  So be glad that you all speak English already because it is sooooo hard for them to even say the word "work" correctly. I'm sure they think the same about me.

We´ve also been teaching this 13 year old kid lately. He´s awesome to the max. We gave him a book of mormon and taught a very little lesson about baptism to him. And the other day we were talking with his neighbor and apparently he´s like telling his parents he´s going to get baptized. He´s so awesome. Also we stopped by his house to see if he read and he read like 3 chapters more than what we left him and he´s been drawing like crazy good pictures of Jesus in his spare time when he´s bored. Yeah he´s a champ it´s awesome. Also we´re teaching his friend and now his friend is also starting to keep his commitments. Both have been committed to baptism and it´s all because he started reading the Book of Mormon.

So yeah I can´t wait to read everyone's letters. Sorry I don´t have much to write about today. I just didn´t have much time and not much really happened this week other than our awesome investigator Jose Gabriel. Well thanks soooo much for all the letters and emails and pictures and support. Oh also I couldn´t send any pictures this week my computer wouldn´t let me but it´s ok because I didn´t have any new ones anyways. Oh also could I get put on Oliver´s email list if possible. I really want to see how he´s doing. Well I gotta go. Love you guys sooo much. Hope everyone is doing great. Keep me updated with everything back there I love to hear how everyones doing. Well gotta go later!

James 2:14-17

Love Elder Russon

President and Sister Fernandez

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