Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Letter 5/12/2014

Hey Family

Well I just skyped you yesterday but let´s see If i can tell you anything I forgot yesterday. Well this last week has been insane. We got back from Arequipa Tuesday night at like 11. Then on Thursday night we had a ward Talent Show which was horribly planned out by the entire ward. They said like 3 days before... Yeah Mother´s Day Talent show, lets do it. Lets just say it was the worst talent show I´ve ever been too, ever. The missionaries had 2 of the 3 acts and the other act wasn´t planned or practiced at all and it turned out horrible. Then random people just trying to fill the time by jumping up and doing talents but my gosh it was just such a train wreck. 

On Saturday we had the baptism of Bertha and Mauricio. They are so awesome. I baptized Mauricio. It was so funny. The faunts here don´t have heaters so it was just such freezing water. Mauricio was just freaking out in the water and had to pump himself up to get baptized. He was so funny. Then after we had the baptism we went to a real Talent Show another ward put on as a zone. So all 19 of the missionaries here.  We did the skit about the Late Angels and it was SO GOOD. Like every person there had their cameras out recording us. I played one of the Late Angels and also some villain. We did like 3 skits about Bible and BOM stories about angels coming late and then as a joke we did a Charlie´s Angels came late skit and in that I was the villain. It was seriously so much fun. I was very happy to have had investigators at that Talent Show, but not the one in our ward. 

Well It was super super awesome talking to you guys on skype. I can´t believe that´s the last time before I get home. That´s so crazy to even think about. Well I love all of you a lot. Thanks for the letters. I gotta go CHOU CHOU

Love Elder Russon

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